Penguin Ambidextrous mouse

The Penguin vertical mouse sets new standards of protection against a range of upper limb conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Enabling right and left hands to share the workload and avoiding exaggerated movements of the wrist joint that can increase pressure on the soft tissues in the carpal tunnel. Regular switching of hands throughout the day helps prevent static muscle strain (SMS) in the arm and shoulder - a major source of discomfort in mouse work. The vertical alignment encourages a more ergonomic operating position. Comes with 2 year warranty.

Ambidextrous Design- Central 'bow-tie' switch allows for easy transition between right and left handed use.
Easy-glide symmetrical base - Allows the user to rest either hand comfortably alongside the vertical structure, encouraging the use of the bigger muscles in the fore and upper arm to manoeuvre the mouse.
Fine cursor control is still achievable with small hand and/or finger movements
Precision performance laser - Provides accurate tracking on typical work surfaces
Adjustable 400, 600, 800 or 1200 dpi settings - Encourages fast and precise operating movements
Precision scroll wheel - For fast, accurate document scrolling
Soft key touch - Low activation force and full key travel distance provides keying comfort

The Penguin mouse is available in three sizes. To choose the correct one for you, measure your hand from the first crease on your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.
SMALL 0-16cm (0-6 ins approx.)
MEDIUM 16-18cm (6-7 ins approx.)
LARGE 18cm + (7 ins + approx.)
Wired and wireless (rechargeable) versions available.